How do I realize my purchase?

  1. Decide which product you wish to buy.
  2. Click on the button “Add to cart”; this will add the desired product to your virtual shopping cart.
  3. You can keep adding other products to the cart and when you are done click on “Start Purchase”.
  4. Complete your personal information and click on “Continue Purchase”.
  5. Type in the postal adress where you wish to receive the product, then click on “Continue Purchase”.
  6. Choose your form of payment, and click on “Continue Purchase”.
  7. Finally, in the “Confirmation Page” you can verify that all the data in correct, if it is click on “Continue Purchase”.
  8. You will be redirected to another window where you will fill in the information regarding your form of payment.
  9. Once you have validated your purchase you will receive an email from Maison Domecq, this email will serve as a receipt.
  10. As soon as the payment is credited to our account, we will dispatch the corresponding product to the adress you gave.

Which form of payment can I use to make my purchase?
Maison Domecq has partnerships with these ways of payment: maison-domecq-pago-visa maison-domecq-pago-mastercard maison-domecq-pago-amex maison-domecq-pago-banelco maison-domecq-pago-cabal maison-domecq-pago-facil maison-domecq-pago-rapipago maison-domecq-pago-tarjeta-naranja maison-domecq-pago-tarjeta-shopping maison-domecq-pago-dinero-mail maison-domecq-pago-mervcado-pago

What is the cost of the shipment?
The shipment cost will be given to you in the “Checkout Page”, right before the purchase is validated. I will depend on the number of products and the delivery adress.

How does the shipment work?
We have a partnership with: maison-domecq-envio-correo-argentino

Where can I receive my purchase?
We send out our produts throughout the world.

How long does it take for the puchase to arrive?
The transport time depends on the type of shipment you selected. Generally, it takes from one to two weeks after the payment is received.

What is the exchange policy?
Within the 15 days following your receiving of the product, you may ask for an exchange.

What should I do if the product arrives damaged?
In such an event, please contact us as soon as possible and we will ship you a new product.