Who are we ?



We believe that fashion and design should focus on the respect of the materials and of the planet and bring this respect to the reach of people. This is why, through our sustainable leather jewelry, we wish to provide women unique hand made pieces, long lasting and feminine.


We aim to becoming a referent in the bridge that exists between the world of luxury jewelry and the world of crafts, taking as axis the use of recycled leather. This bridge is Beauty, in a holistic sense, that promotes the reduction of environmental impacts, the creation of jobs and the respect for the people and the planet.


History & Timeframe

In 2012 Mayte Ossorio Domecq, industrial designer of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, founded the company Ossorio Domecq. In March of 2014, she launched her new brand, Maison Domecq.

Maison Domecq offers jewelry that is as beautiful as sustainable and is based on 4 pillars:
> Style: with a wide knowledge in the domain of design, Mayte is a guest teacher in the courses of Clothing and textil design of the UBA.
> Jewelry: her experience was forged during 6 years of working with Julio Perez Sanz, and later a stay with Sibilia.
> Leather: a noble, natural and hypoallergenic material.
> Sustainability: each product is created using recycled leather and are handcrafted, they reflect the love of duraility which existed in the antique ways of creating and the optimization of resources.


Achievments & Prices

  • Part of the Argentine Pavilion in Panama, Expocomer 2014.
  • First Argentinian jewelry designer chosen by the French jury to join the Argentine Pavilion at Maison& Objet 2014, 2015 and 2016, one of the most important fairs in Europe made in Paris.
  • Creation of jewelry to dress Miss World Argentina 2014 and 2015, Laura Ascurra and a number of TV figures on the Buenos Aires Governmental City TV Chanel.
  • Sale of products in the San Francisco MoMA Store (Museum of Modern Art, SF), the MuMeDi (Museo Mexicano de Diseño) and shops in Japan, Chile, Mexico and Brasil.
  • Distributed in Fairs in Atlanta, New York and Paris.