About us

From Ossorio Domecq to Maison Domecq

About Maison Domecq.

Hello! Welcome to Maison Domecq, my mother’s house, that warm place, full of illusion and learned values.

My name is Mayté, I am a mother, industrial designer and lover of objects.
And speaking of objects… my deepest inspiration is the Arts and Crafts movement, born in the ideals, the concern for the effects of industrialisation on design, knowledge and everyday life. A movement that encouraged a revival of traditional craftsmanship, a return to a simpler way of life and an improvement in the design of everyday domestic objects. So Maison Domecq embraces its values, artisan work, respect for people, sustainability and care of the environment. I have always been attracted to reuse, recycling and the idea of transformation, in every sense. To exalt design, history and to pay homage to my mother, my grandmother and to the history we rebuild from the memory of our roots.
I hope you enjoy your stay.