Corporate Social Sustainability

CSR Goals – Triple Bottom Line

People: We wish to build solid and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers which are mainly small or very small businesses so as to obtain a mutual growth.

Planet: We aim to creating leather jewelry and small leather goods with the least environmental impact possible. In order to achieve this goal we have various internal policies such as the optimization of the raw material, the use of recycled leather and of manual machines, and the reduction of our energy consumption.
In 2015 we have managed to reduce our electricity consumption by 15% with the purchase of low-consumption lights and heaters. Our goal is now to reduce it even more through the installation of LED lights.

Profit: We sustain our growth only through the reinvestment of the profits made by the brand.

Ciclo de vida

Since its creation, Maison Domecq used about 400 kilos of leather offcuts from various origins to make thousands of jewels (aprox. 7000) which were sold in Argentina and thoughout the world. With its 15 suppliers network, Maison Domecq builds work alliances to allow a mutual growth and long term relationships, giving life to a sustainability chain able to create work and extend the life cycle of this noble material.